Making Money from Free Bingo

As with any gambling game, the question on whether it is possible to make money playing bingo is a very common one. The answer to this question, however, remains to be elusive and two-fold. On the one hand, bingo is so much bigger now than it was several years ago.

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This means that the jackpot prizes are so much bigger now than they previously were; it is possible to earn significant amount of money now from bingo, something that may not be possible before.

On the other hand, bingo, whether it is online bingo or traditional live bingo, is still a gambling game.

And since bingo is largely a game of luck, a player’s chance of winning is often out of his hands.

Nevertheless, many players still hope to earn money from bingo. In this case, the only thing they can do is try to increase their chances of winning. Since bingo is a game of chance more than anything else, skill has very little to do with this (if at all).

Still, there are a few things a player can do to increase his chances, although most of these steps aren’t really tactics connected with winning the game; rather, they are tactics on how to play the game effectively.

For instance, any serious player who wants to earn money from bingo will have to decrease his losses. This way, if the player does win, the cut from the losses won’t be large enough to make a dent on the actual winnings.

Of course, this is easier said than done, especially since one way to increase the chance of winning is getting more cards.

This is a common bingo principle. For example, one player bought two bingo cards, the other bought four. The one with five players have twice the chance of winning. However, if he loses, he will lose two times more compared to the player with only two cards.

The key here is to play with only a set number of cards per game. For instance, if you plan to play 10 games, you should decide on how many cards per game you will buy.

Do not increase the number of your cards at any point within this 10-game period.

If possible, play with the same set of cards when playing a pre-set number of games. For one, if you marking your cards manually, this will help you become more familiar with the cards.

This also decreases the random effect of the game; when your card numbers are constant, only the numbers to be called remain to be the unknown variable, so to speak.

Playing at a hall or at a room with few players can increase your winning chances as well, for obvious reasons.

Fewer players, less competition – and the bigger your chances for winning. Of course, rooms (especially in online bingo rooms) with fewer players have smaller prize money.

This may seem like a disadvantage but consider this: it’s better to win something smaller than the usual than not win anything at all.

In the end, playing bingo should be done for leisure. While it is possible to play the game and earn from it, it should never be anyone’s goal.

Is Free Bingo a Fair Game?

A lot of people are asking if online bingo can ever be trusted – if it’s going to be worth the time, money, and effort. There are plenty of reasons for you to trust the game, especially based on the rules that are being upheld by the different administrators:

  1.  They make use of RNG. RNG stands for random number generators. This is a special program that comes up with bingo numbers without the use of formula, code, or pattern. Simply put, it just reveals to you the number it wishes to show—nothing else. All legitimate websites should run this one. This is how they can ensure players that the numbers that appear on the screen are without human intervention. Besides, RNG is known to be hard to decode or manipulate even by programmers and the administrators of the bingo websites.
  2. The game is always audited. There are independent auditors that would verify every winning. This is to make sure that there was no deceit or cheat that has been done by anyone who played during the session. Moreover, there is an online gaming commission that always sees to it that the standards of the bingo websites remain high and meet the expectations of the online agency itself. Perhaps it would not be fair for you if the prize will be awarded later on your account while other previous winners received theirs at a much earlier time.
  3. The game is basically based on luck. Unlike the table or card games, such as poker, bingo doesn’t have a lot of winning strategies. This is because it doesn’t require a lot of skills. In fact, there is only one thing you need to have: attentiveness. You should be alert on the numbers called as well as when you call out “bingo” once you’ve already come up with the needed pattern. Otherwise, you could simply pray that Lady Luck is on your side. Because this is solely based on luck, you have an equal chance of winning with the other players. It would change, though, if the other players have more than 1 card. This means that their probability of winning becomes higher than yours. You can opt to buy more cards for yourself too, or you can check out websites that put limit to the cards that can be bought by players. Others would allow as many as 50, while some would want you to stick to just a pair.  It would also be different if there are a lot of players during a bingo session. This can also lessen your chances of winning since you’re up against so many bingo players. What you can do is to choose a bingo schedule that doesn’t have a lot of competing members.
  4. You have managers. There are also managers who make sure that fairness is still an integral part of their system. After all, if there’s one shadow of dishonesty attached to their website, a lot of players would cancel their account.
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