Don’t Get Scammed by ‘Baloney Bingo’

For newcomers to online bingo, the search for legitimate sites can be quite a challenge.

There are three simple ways to help prevent being taken for a ride by a website pretending to be a legitimate bingo gaming company. Never give out any kind of personal information to a website until you are absolutely sure where you are sending it.

This is especially true for bank accounts and credit card numbers. Most gaming sites are run by honest, trustworthy companies that care about their clients as well as the safety of the information transmitted on their sites. Finding these is not as hard as it seems.

First, check the maps. If you can find the listing of where the gaming company is located it can give you a clue to its legitimacy. Often, bingo frauds are run by offshore companies that are careful to operate where they are not governed by UK law, or even outside the reach of the European Gaming commission. If you cannot determine where they are located – do not play there.

A good indicator of a fraudulent site is one where there are incredibly huge jackpots offered to bring in players, and then the winnings are not ever transferred to the player that hits the numbers. Often the winning may be credited in the online account, but when time comes to withdraw the money – it disappears.

They even try to find ways to make the disappearance the fault of the player or the players’ account they are trying to deposit to.

The second step to finding a good gaming site is to attempt to contact them. There should be easy to find contact information, including email and telephone details. Send an email and see if they reply. If it is a scam, they will be worried about being trapped and traced by investigators, so will often not answer emails.

If the telephone number does not appear legitimate – go elsewhere.

The third way to avoid being scammed is to use your searching skills beyond the site. There are online reviews of many gaming sites, as well as forums and web logs that may give some insight into the way a site is played. These are very informative, and often you can find bits of advice to improve your game.

Your gaming can be a great experience if you take into account these precautions. Don’t get taken by a bingo scam, play the big sites and win just as big!

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