A Girl’s Night Out, Without Leaving the House?

It’s tough these days to find the time or money to have a good night out with the girls, by the time you have organised (and paid for) babysitters, transport, drinks and entertainment then you are not only exhausted you are also questioning if you can really afford all this just for a few laughs with friends.

One alternative that a lot of lassies are now turning to is online bingo. Don’t laugh!

It really does compare, with chat rooms full of regular players who will make you feel welcome every single time you log in, laughs and jokes, cheap games and even the chance to win REAL money.

Each room has a chat master whose job it is to make sure everyone is made welcome, that chat flows nicely and no-one ever gets nasty, answer any questions and also run chat games to allows players to win free games and credits to play with.

So why not grab a cheap bottle of wine, plonk yourself down in the comfort of your own home and relax having a laugh while playing online bingo?

Online bingo is actually a lot easier to play than the old fashioned version at the bingo halls, one of the kids starts crying while you are in the middle of a game?

Not a problem, the system continues to mark your card while you are away and even calls if you win!

You could leave it so you can change a nappy and come back to find a nice little bonus from winning a game or even the jackpot! Most sites have a cumulative jackpot, that’s one that is added to after every game, simply call house in the specified amount of numbers or less and (subject to verification) you have suddenly become one of the sites biggest winners!

Wouldn’t that feel good, transferring a large amount back into your bank account to spend on whatever you like.

Personally I think it’s a fun way to spend your evenings, laughing with the girls, playing bingo and without all the guilt or expense that hitting the town costs, and, let’s be honest, it’s a lot safer than being out in the evenings in this day and age.

When my wife is having a girlie night playing online bingo, she always logs into Wink Bingo as she finds that it’s the best place to enjoy her online bingo night in with the girls.

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