Bonnie Bingo Offer Players Hundreds and Thousands

Bonnie Bingo as you will know if you are already a member of their popular online bingo site, offer their online bingo players some extremely Bonnie bingo promotions to participate in.

However, did you know that on the last Friday of every single month at Bonnie Bingo, they also offer their players the chance to play for an impressive £1,100 prize fund in their Hundreds and Thousands bingo game?

Get Your Hundreds and Thousands

Bonnie Bingo ends of the month Hundreds and Thousands online bingo game will be playing on this Friday the 24th of September – so if you want to take part you will have to be super quick. If you can’t make it to the online bingo game at 9.00pm, then you can always pre-purchase your online bingo cards.

Whilst we are on the subject of bingo cards, we think you should know that cards into the game will cost £1 each and that you can also purchase up to a maximum of 48 online bingo cards.

It is also worth remembering, that to take part in Bonnie Bingo Hundreds and Thousands bingo game, you must be a depositing member at their online bingo site.

What Can I Win?

If you are the extremely jammy online bingo player to bingo first on a full house in Bonnie Bingo Hundred and Thousands game, then you will walk away with a staggering £1,000. If more than one player manages to bingo on a full house at the same time, then the £1,000 prize fund will be split between each of them, meaning they would each win £500.

The other £100 prize will be shared amongst all the players who managed to get 1TG (one to go) in the game. For example: If five players all had 1TG then they would each win £20.

Bonnie Bingo Brand New Instant Games

Bonnie Bingo have recently announced that they have got two brand spanking new and exciting slot games up and running at their online bingo site, that their online bingo players are just going to love.

The even better news is that these two new slot games will also be running on Posh Bingo, Wink Bingo and Tasty Bingo obviously because all four online bingo sites are on the same Joy of Bingo network.

Do Not Pass Go

The first new slot game at Bonnie Bingo is based on everyone’s favourite board game Monopoly! The Monopoly slot game at Bonnie Bingo is a five reel game which boats 9 payout lines and two bonus rounds called ‘Community Chest’ and ‘Pass Go’ bonus.

Which if you have ever played the board game Monopoly, then you will already be familiar with the features in the game.

The Community Chest bonus is activated when you have the Community Chest symbol on any position on your last three reels.

Once this bonus is activated, you then pick one of the displayed ‘chest symbols’ from a choice of three. Whatever figure is displayed in your chosen chest will then be multiplied by how much you wagered, to give you your prize.

The ‘Pass Go’ bonus is activated when a Bonnie Bingo player manages to get three ‘dice’ symbols on any active pay line. The game player will then have to click on one of the dice symbols, to determine how many rolls of the dice they will get in their ‘Pass Go’ bonus round – which is basically like playing the board game version of Monopoly.

Bonnie Bingo account holders can earn more money if they manage to land on Free Parking, Jail, Go and Chance Spaces.

Wheel of Fortune

The next new instant game at Bonnie Bingo is based on the popular TV game show Wheel of Fortune. Wheel of Fortune is a five reel slot game that features an impressive bonus, where players get to actually spin the famous Wheel of Fortune. Try and avoid the bankrupt areas and keep spinning until you are happy with your winnings!

New Bingo
Claim 105 Free Bingo Tickets & 10 Free Spins
£10 Bingo Bonus, 5 Free Bingo Tickets & 20 Free Spins
Welcome offer: £20 Bingo Bonus & 20 Spins
Get 105 Free Bingo Tickets & 10 Free Spins
£10 Bingo Bonus, 5 Free Bingo Tickets & 20 Free Spins