Play Bingo Roulette at Costa Bingo

Over at Costa Bingo they have an interesting new way to play bingo with massive jackpots. With Bingo Roulette they want their players to bingo on the lucky number to win even more for their pennies.

The games take place all this week, with one every two nights until next Monday. Hold onto your hats because you won’t believe what you’ll be playing for the chance to win.

Within each game there’s a set of lucky numbers, which are like the roulette part of the game, and these will give you 10x the usual jackpot! If that isn’t enough to entice you, just wait until you hear about the bingo ticket price.

In the first games there’s £50 in cash to be won or £500 if you bingo on that lucky number! In the final game, next Monday, you’ll be playing in the game to win £100 as the usual jackpot or £1000 as the roulette jackpot. There are 15 numbers dubbed as the lucky ones per game, so that’s a huge scope to bingo on to win bigger than ever before.

That’s all amazing for players but these games get even better when you realise that they’re penny bingo games! All but the very last one will cost you just 5p each and tickets to the big one will set you back £1 each.

Even better than that, you’ll get a free £1 bingo ticket when you splash out on four of the 5p tickets. That means you can be playing in two games with a combined potential jackpot of £1500 for just 20p!

If that sounds like a good budget for you then get over to Costa Bingo today and check out these enticing bingo games. Good luck on bingoing on those lucky numbers and winning big with these bingo games!

Find Your Way with Sing Bingo

If you’re the type of player that’s always getting lost then you need to find your way to Sing Bingo this month. They have a couple of jackpot prizes that will ensure you’ll make it to your next destination on time and efficiently.

Remember the Say You’ll Be There song from the Spice Girls? Well Sing Bingo have named this jackpot bingo game after this song as they attempt to get you from A to B.

They have a brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and a Tom Tom Satnav to be won in this 75 ball bingo game. These will be sure to get you where you need to be and will give you some of the latest kit to play with.

This superb jackpot game takes place this Thursday at 10.30pm, so make a map to your smartphone or desktop computer then. The tickets to this game will set you back £2 each but with a prize pool worth over £500 it’s well worth the ticket price. Tickets can also be earned for free on the site until tomorrow, so act fast if you want these by your side in the big game.

You’ll get 4 free bingo tickets when you deposit £20 on the site or play £10 on slot games until midnight tomorrow, which is great value. This will have you on the road to the maximum of 96 cards before you know it and you’ll have all the chances to win that you need.

If you’re a savvy player and don’t need any help getting around, or maybe you already have these nifty gadgets, then you can win a cash alternative instead. Don’t get lost this month, make a beeline to Sing Bingo and earn free bingo tickets for this awesome prize bingo game, good luck!

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