Bingo Facts

The facts about playing free online bingo.

With two words, in free online bingo, is catching the attention of true bingo addicts: “free” and “bingo”. You can win the game of free online bingo only if you are fast enough to complete the game pattern on your bingo card before other competitors.

Players can choose to play with three, four or even more randomly selected bingo cards, whereas in live bingo there are “callers” to help you play. In free online bingo, the bingo numbers and game patterns are displayed on the display board.

Most of the players consider the game of bingo, a game of chance. But winning the game does not entirely depend on luck. You can become a consistent winner by following certain strategies.

The most important strategy comes into play when you select cards for playing free online bingo, according to Granville as an expert on this game, there is a crucial relationship between winning bingo numbers and the master board.

Once you learn this relationship, nobody can stop you from selecting more winning cards every time you sit down to play. When you cannot get this opportunity, there are other ways to win while playing bingo for free online.

Players often have a misconception that they can improve their chances of winning by playing with several cards during the game. Try to get over this misconception as soon as possible because, on the contrary, playing fewer cards can help you more in winning the game.

If you want to win, you must consider the word “random” very seriously. A clear understanding of this word can take you a long way in winning free online bingo games. If you are a keen online bingo player, you must know that every bingo machine has 75 numbered balls.

So, every ball has equal probability of appearing, which is one in 75. Although the balls drop out of the machine at random, there is a very strong probability that the numbers appearing on the master board have different digit endings like 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s etc. This is very true in the case of the first ten numbers with only a few exceptions.

This is known as uniform distribution. So, if you concentrate mainly on the numbers ending in different digits while selecting your free online bingo cards, your chances of choosing more winning cards will increase considerably because most of the regular games consist of ten to twelve calls or less.

Another strategy at winning online bingo is related to its cards. Every bingo card has 24 numbers and a free spot in the middle. These 24 numbers occupy 16 strategic squares while remaining numbers fill the dead squares. Most of the winning bingo combinations consist of numbers occupying only the strategic squares. So, choose your card accordingly and bingo!

Bingo Balls

If you have ever heard the shouts of “BINGO” from across the bingo hall, you will know the excitement it brings. Not only excitement, but also sometimes huge prizes as well that just make everyone else in the room green with envy.

This excitement is caused by the bingo balls. There is much superstition attached to the game of bingo and most importantly, to the bingo balls themselves. The number “66” is one of these numbers. Any time you are in a bingo hall, you are more than likely to hear the call of “clickety click, 66” as that bingo ball is drawn.

The whole game of bingo revolves around the bingo balls. Nothing can happen without these little balls. Wherever the bingo balls land that is where the excitement follows. If you look around the bingo hall, you should notice most of the bingo players staring at the bingo balls, just willing their number to be drawn. Each number that is drawn brings the players one step closer to the big prize.

The thing is, you want to win the prize yourself, and so you will also stare at the bingo balls, hoping that your elusive number lands. Each time your number is called, you get closer and closer.

It could be you that shouts “BINGO”, but this can only happen if you have filled the card the way it has been specified at the beginning of the game. The bingo balls hold the key.

If they are not kind to you, you could walk away with bitter disappointment. However, if the bingo balls are nice to you and Lady Luck is on your side, you could be the person that everyone looks at with envy as you walk up to claim your prize.

Bingo Numbers

If you have ever visited a bingo hall and listened out to the way that the caller announces the bingo numbers, you might be forgiven if you think that you are in a different country. Bingo numbers, in fact, have a long and interesting history that can be traced back to the old bingo halls of England.

Each number has its own little tale to tell and for that reason it is interesting to read how these bingo numbers got their names.

In general, calling names are given to bingo numbers from one through to ninety on the bingo card. Most of these names are divided into roughly two groups – calling names that rhyme with the bingo numbers and those that are associated with the numbers for a particular reason.

An example of a rhyming calling name would be “Twenty Three – She and Me”. Because ‘she and me’ could actually rhyme with any of the bingo numbers ending in three, another name is usually given to the number in addition to the rhyme.

Many of the names given to bingo numbers for a particular reason are quite humorous and reflect the culture in which they originated. For example, number ten is usually given the name of the current British Prime Minister, followed by the word ‘den’.

So in previous years, the number ten was named Tony’s Den in honor of the ex-PM’s official residence at 10 Downing Street. Other bingo numbers have tongue-in-cheek sexual connotations, such as the number 69, which is known as ‘either way up’ or ‘your place or mine’.

As can be seen, the calling names for bingo numbers may differ, depending on the country the game is being played in or even the regions within a particular country. What is important to remember is that calling names for bingo numbers add a fun element to the game and help us remember the rich and varied history of this great game.

Best Bingo Players

If you’ve ever stood back and watched how other players go about their game of bingo, you will soon notice that the best bingo players simply stand out from other players. The best bingo players don’t always win and yet they stand out in a number of ways. If you have ever dreamed of becoming a good online bingo player, you will want to learn how this can be done.

One of the key words that pop up when considering the best bingo players is balance. These players seem to have discovered just the right balance between active bingo play and community integration. Many bingo players make the mistake of playing hard at their favorite site and leaving no time for fun and relaxation by chatting to their friends.

Other players spend most of their time chatting and very little playing. While there is nothing particularly wrong with either of these methods, you will never join the league of best bingo players in this way.

The word balance also takes on a new meaning when we consider the bankroll of the best bingo players. These players have a sound money management system and know what their true limits are. They know how much they have to wager with, they never chase losses and they will quit when they reach their maximum limit – even if the action is still going strong.

The best bingo players in the world enjoy taking risks and play hard and fast, yet they never seem to cross the line to reckless gaming. All their play sessions are well calculated – from the amount bet, to the type of games played and the number of bingo cards purchased. These players seem to have it all together and can serve as an inspiration to all of us.

Best No-Download Bingo

Until recently, many of us who wanted to join in the bingo fun that took the online gambling world by storm, had to simply sit back and turn green with envy. That is because we didn’t have the ability to download those exciting bingo software packages onto our personal computers for whatever reason.

If you don’t want to download software onto your computer, or if your system isn’t compatible, you will be happy to learn that a number of the best no-download bingo sites offer you the perfect solution.

These sites present you with the best no-download bingo software options around, allowing you to finally see what everybody is raving about.

The best no-download bingo packages work through Flash, Java and HTML sites that allow you to play directly off the browser. Simply put, this means that instead of installing the bingo program into your computer system (as is required by download software), you can access the games instantly and start to play almost immediately.

Even players who have no problem with downloading programs are instantly drawn to the best no-download bingo sites because of the ease and speed that the games can be accessed.

The best no-download bingo sites will offer everything that their ‘download’ counterparts offer in terms of software, game variety, bonuses and prizes. These sites make sure that player’s benefit from free games, as well as the best play-to-play games available in the industry.

Players can win free game points, stand in line to win exciting jackpots or simply sit back and have an enjoyable chat with other bingo lovers.

The best no-download bingo sites make sure that their players don’t feel the difference between flash and downloaded software, and therefore use the best software providers around to power their sites. Thanks to technology and the desire by many bingo sites to offer ALL their players a great gaming experience, no-download players need never feel left out again.

Free Bingo Games

As amazing as it may seem to you, online bingo halls offer you the chance to enjoy free bingo games without any strings attached. Yes, you heard right! Without the need to fund your bingo account or commit to any type of minimum wagering, you can enjoy free bingo games in every shape and size without spending a single dollar at the online bingo site.

To access the free bingo games offered by many of the online sites out there, you will be required to register with the site by providing a few personal details. This does NOT mean that you will need to enter into a financial agreement with the site and, at this stage no talk of money will be had at all.

Of course, when you are ready to move away from free bingo games and try your luck at real money gaming, you will need to transfer cash into your account. But that’s another story…

What are the advantages of free bingo games? First off, and most obviously, they’re free. This means that you can enjoy the exciting world of online bingo without endangering your bankroll.

Secondly, free bingo games are a great way to get familiar with the software on the site and practice playing before actually moving on to play-for-pay games. Another reason to play for free is that you can still hook up with the buzzing bingo community on your favorite site and make great friendships in the chat rooms.

And finally, though hard to believe, you can actually win real prizes by playing free bingo games. Many online bingo sites are quite happy to give away real cash or other prizes to players who haven’t wagered one real dollar! Now that’s what we call value for money!

Best Bingo Tournaments

Bingo tournaments are one of the most exciting pastimes on the internet and millions of people join in on the fun each day from around the world. If you want to take part in one of these tournaments, you will want to find out how to find the best bingo tournaments online.

Thankfully, most good internet bingo halls offer you the opportunity to take part in some the best bingo tournaments out there.

The best bingo tournaments are those that foster a feeling of community, peppered with just the right amount of healthy competition to edge you on in the event. Good online bingo sites know that life-long friendships were fostered at the best bingo tournaments in history and aim to attract players with this element of comradeship.

At the same time, some of the best bingo tournaments are fast-paced and exciting so that you enjoy an element of challenge even while chatting with fellow tournament players.

So what else separates the best bingo tournaments from the mediocre ones? Another issue is that of payouts. Although fun and community are fantastic drive forces to join a bingo tournament, you have to admit to yourself that you are in it for the money too.

As such, you will definitely be interested to see what kind of payouts these tournaments are talking about. The best bingo tournaments will offer you great payouts that easily stretch into five figures. This is certainly the kind of cash you want to see lining your pockets!

As you can see, the best bingo tournaments are those that manage to combine fun, entertainment, community and excellent payouts into one exciting event. Take some time to read up the terms and conditions until you find the kind of tournament that suits you to the tee!

Best Bingo Prizes

Have you ever visited an online bingo site and seen a list of scrolling names on the homepage. This is a list of players on the site who are winners of the best bingo prizes offered out there. If you are wondering how to get your own name on that list, you need to know a little about how to go about winning those best bingo prizes.

Online bingo sites are just dying to get you to try their games and therefore offer some of the best bingo prizes out there. While some prizes are small and make great pocket money, some of the best bingo prizes are truly life changing and can easily pay off your mortgage or allow you to take that dream cruise around the world. Who wouldn’t want to win one of these great prizes?

So, the question remains how to go about winning the best bingo prizes.  The obvious answer is to play bingo as much as possible in order put yourself in line to win the prizes. This shouldn’t be too difficult as bingo is an amazing game and nobody should need too much encouragement to try it out!

The more you play, the more chance you have of winning those best bingo prizes. And even if you are not aiming for the jackpot prizes, you can still win some super smaller prizes simply by accessing your favorite online bingo site. You can win prizes by simply chatting to your online bingo buddies or taking part in fun team chat games.

There are many side games and extras available to allow you win all sorts of bingo prizes. The lists of winners of the best bingo prizes aren’t put out there for nothing. They are there to let you know that you too can win big and all you need to do is play your favorite game of bingo.

Free Bingo Software

Even though they say that nothing in life is for free, this obviously isn’t the case with free bingo software. If you love playing bingo but don’t find the time to make your way down to a bingo hall as much as you’d like to, look no further than free bingo software.

These types of programs can be found on any good bingo site on the internet and can be downloaded onto your own PC system. In fact, you can be playing your favorite game using free bingo software within minutes.

So how does the free bingo software process work, you may be asking? So, here’s how. First off, you find yourself a reputable online bingo site that you feel safe playing at. There are all sorts of things to look out for in a bingo site, including good customer support, software providers and game variety. Once you find a site that you like the look of, you can begin downloading the free bingo software.

For the most part, you’ll be asked to click the download button, press enter a couple of times (after reading the terms and conditions), and this will automatically begin the free bingo software download process.

This entire process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes and once the program is installed in your computer system, you will have instant access to a full suite of bingo games.

Free bingo software allows you to play bingo in practice mode or allows you to link up to the bingo site and play for real money (once you have funded your account). This kind of software also allows you to take part in exciting online bingo tournaments and chat online to other players who are looking for some bingo action. All in all, you can’t go wrong with free bingo software!

Bingo Reviews

Welcome to the BEST bingo REVIEW page. Here we strive to give you the most information we can on different bingo sites. The reviews are listed by site and by the software, because all bingo halls are not the same. Some have several rooms you can choose to play in, where the card prices vary in each room.

As well some have the variety of 75 ball rooms as well as the European halls that play 90 Ball Bingo. Leapfrog software is all in 3D, where you can sit at tables and talk to just ones at your table as well as a chat for all the people in your bingo room. We also let you know which sites allow US players and ones that only take non-US players.

We make sure this is marked for your convenience.  A review gives you the opportunity to read and see a screen shot of the site, and see what each site has to offer, in bonuses and promotions.

We put together the best sites, and let you know about the software. Each site and software is unique in itself!

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