Marine Mayhem is what can only be described as, an online slots / bingo hybrid like no other slot machine. Unlike other bingo slots, Marine Mayhem offers you traditional action at the same time as competing against other players for a community jackpot, which is won by collecting points found randomly across the 5 reels.

Leading online bingo software supplier, Virtue Fusion first launched this unique concept back in 2009 and since then Marine Mayhem and other multiplayer slots games have become firm favourites among both slots and bingo players, being given prime spots at many of the world’s leading bingo sites.

So what is Marine Mayhem, is it an online slots game or a bingo game, ‘Slingo’ perhaps? Well simply put it’s a marine-themed bingo slot game that features a progressive jackpot as well as being a multiplayer game that offers additional cash prizes for the top ten point scorers during a 3-6 minute game.

Once the game starts, you spin the reels as you normally would but while you’re playing for winning combinations and cash prizes you will also be scoring points towards the community jackpot too, turning a simple bingo slots game into a revolutionary online multiplayer phenomenon.

Like online bingo games, Marine Mayhem features a chat window where you can interact with fellow players and chat about your experiences playing Marine Mayhem or the weather, or the latest celeb gossip, or whatever you feel like chatting about. This great addition takes away the isolation of spinning the reels of regular online bingo slots games completely out of the equation and adds a great new dimension to playing.

To summarise, Marine Mayhem is an awful lot of fun to play and it certainly is completely different to your usual bingo slots game, and if you’re looking for a multiplayer slots game to play against others then Marine Mayhem is just the slots for you. However, if you simply want to spin a few turns in between bingo games than you may want to look for a traditional bingo slots game.

Bonus features:

Multiplayer ‘Points’ Symbols: In order to compete for the community jackpot you will be required to score points, which are awarded for matching 3, 4 or 5 ‘Points’ symbol values in a row on any pay line.

Progressive jackpot:

Marine Mayhem has a progressive jackpot to play for as well as the previously mentioned community jackpot and also a whopping 10,000x standard jackpot, which is awarded when you match 5 ‘Treasure Chest’ symbols on any of your pay lines.

Game Functionality:

Marine Mayhem looks like any other 5-reel, 20-line slots game and plays like one too, but unlike most other online bingo slots you will be competing against other players for a share of the community jackpot.

You can see the current leaderboard standings on the left-hand side of the play window and the community jackpot value at the top of the play window. The play controls are positioned at the foot of the play window and a chat box to the right, allowing you to interact with fellow Marine Mayhem players.

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