Rules & Guide

Bingo is a popular community game which is played in halls. Bingo Rules and variations vary from one nation to another. Each bingo hall has their own bingo brochures outlining the games being played, rules and payouts attached to each game.

In a typical game of bingo, players buy cards with numbers printed on them. Each card has a 5×5 grid corresponding to the 5 letters in the word B, I, N, G and O. Random numbers like B6 or O71 are then drawn out at random until a player completes a winning pattern – usually a line of five numbers in a vertical, diagonal or horizontal arrangement – on one of their bingo cards and win the jackpot. In 75 ball bingo, you can opt from a myriad of bingo patterns. However, the classic 790 ball bingo has only three possible winning patterns.

75-ball bingo is played on a 5×5 grid bingo card containing 24 random numbers and one blank space. The first column i.e. column B contains numbers between 1 and 15, I column contains numbers between 31 and 45, N column between 46 and 60, and O column between 61 and 75.

Bingo in the UK and Australia – 90 Ball Bingo

In the UK, bingo is played largely in the town halls with huge cash prizes on offer. Nearly every seaside town in the UK has a bingo hall overflowing with players who come in search of entertainment and of course some cash.

Bingo is also played in myriad of schools and churches around the nation for raising funds for various charities like old age homes and more. In such games, the prizes are donated by the local businesses and shopkeepers and the overall atmosphere at such events is usually very friendly a relaxing.

The British and the Australian bingo cards have three horizontal rows and nine vertical columns. Generally known as tickets, they are available in single or multiple books.

While a single book has 10 tickets, each represented by a unique color, a multiple book contains 6 single books. Each page in a multiple book features 6 cards of the same color.

These 6 tickets are attached with perforated edges which allow for easy tearing. Bingo veterans can play with a multiple book, while the beginners are advised to play with only one book or maybe even a single ticket at a time.

Other than books, bingo tickets are also sold in sheets. Each sheet has six sections of bingo tickets, and is usually referred to as flyers. Again, you can purchase a single section or an entire sheet of six depending on your budget and skill level.

How to Play Bingo

You perhaps learned How to Play Bingo as a kid, but the thrill of being the first one to scream BINGO! and win a prize does not end in school. Latest trends like online bingo open the game to a whole new genre of bingo lovers.

While some people still prefer to play bingo in brick-and-mortar bingo halls with cardboard tickets and ink-filled markers, others are fast adapting to the newer variations of this popular game.

Some bingo players assume that superstitions and luck is the key to win bingo, while others opine that the advanced bingo strategies and playing the odds is a sure-shot mantra to bingo success. Whatever your strategy, you will first need to learn the basic rules of How to Play Bingo Online.

The objective of a bingo game is to complete a certain pattern on your bingo card by daubing numbers as they are called during the course of game. All bingo cards have the alphabets B, I, N, G and O written across the top of the card. Each letter represents a different column, with each carrying 5 numbers at an interval of 15 numbers.

A Guide to How to Play Internet Bingo:

  • Take a bingo card from the caller and take a seat. In online version, purchase your bingo cards and join the game.
  • Mark the “Free” space in the center of your card with a dauber. In online version, the free space is already marked.
  • Carefully listen to the numbers as the caller announces them, for example, B9. In online bingo Games, you simply watch out for the number on your screen.
  • On hearing the number, locate it on your card. Find the B column and look to see if you have, in this case, number 9 on your card. In online bingo, you simply have to turn on the auto daub feature which automatically locates and daubs the numbers for you.
  • If you have the called number on your card, mark it off with the dauber.
  • Pay attention as the host continues to call out numbers.
  • Daub the numbers with a dauber as they appear on your card. Don’t forget to shout “BINGO!” as soon as you mark off the numbers in the desired pattern. Usually the winning pattern includes a straight line running either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Some games have more complex patterns like alphabets and shapes among others.
  • Authenticate your winning by announcing the numbers you have marked.
  • Collect your prize from the caller once your numbers are verified.

In online bingo, the auto dauber software takes care of your card right from the beginning, from daubing numbers are they are called till completing the winning pattern and calling out bingo.

Bingo Guide

Success in a bingo game essentially depends on chance and luck. Similar to a lottery, bingo involves the random drawing and calling out of numbered balls. In order to win, players need to cover matching numbers on printed bingo tickets! The player who succeeds in covering all numbers before others is considered the winner of that particular game!

Online Bingo Chat Rooms

Online bingo has seen a surge in an otherwise neglected part of traditional hall bingo; socialising in chat rooms! It is an indispensable feature of every bingo gaming hall, and where you are encouraged to remain quiet in traditional bingo, it’s quite the opposite online!

Make as much noise as you can! Bingo chat rooms are a fantastic way to join a community, celebrate your winnings and make friends! This feature is optional for players, which means that you are not obliged to take part in the conversation.

Online Bingo Networks

If you’re playing online bingo, you’re actually part of a giant bingo network, established to improve the gaming experience. This can be of huge benefit to the player, for example when you have a cross-over of multiple portals, a bigger jackpot can be available!

Bingo networks also facilitate newly launched gaming sites to start operating immediately, even if they have only a few players!

Steps to Play Online Bingo

The very first step to play the online version of bingo is to register at any online gaming platform. In some cases, gamers have to download the software either before or after signing up with the site.

While playing online bingo, players can play with multiple cards. Upon joining a particular gaming hall players need to select a game for playing. Once this has been chosen, the website will start generating numerous cards randomly. Some websites allow as many as 50 cards to play a particular game of online bingo!

So how is it possible to manage so many cards? Luckily, the computer does this for you! Most games will offer two options; ‘manual-dauber’ and ‘auto-dauber’ – those that click ‘manual’ have to place their mouse over the ticket number that has been called out.

For those that choose ‘auto’ the computer will check these off automatically. This system means that players can spend time in the chat rooms without affecting their performance!

Some gaming sites have come with exclusive rules and regulations that their players must abide by. Information can be easily accessible via the website source, including; profiles, screen names, and the total number of participants.

Furthermore, it is possible to obtain a card-list to see how many cards gamers have chosen. The called-out numbers are also visible on screen, this can help players that select ‘manual dauber’ keep track; sometimes it is possible to mishear a number, or be unable to listen to the audio.

Every game of online bingo comes with a specified pattern that gamers have to mark off in order to win that particular game. Numbers are placed on a square grid of blocks, this is called a bingo card.

The number of blocks and the layout largely depend on the variation of bingo being played. In a bid to win, players have to complete a pattern or match all the called-out numbers. Winning can be as simple as completing a straight line.

If you are the first to strike off all the numbers, you win! Make sure you press the bingo button to let others know you’ve won. It has long been a custom in traditional bingo to shout out ‘BINGO!’ after winning a game. If you’re playing the internet version we invite you to do the same, just make sure your neighbours aren’t home!

Online Bingo Tips

  • It is advised that gamers who decide to manually daub their numbers play with a limited number of cards. Unless you’re Rain Man – any more than 5 cards can become difficult to manage.
  • Behaving politely while interacting with fellow players in chat rooms is advisable. Since the community spirit is integral to online bingo, players should devoid from spoiling the fun of others while using online gaming halls. It is also possible to have your account permanently banned.
  • Joining games with fewer participants may reduce the prize pool, but it can dramatically increase your chance of winning! If this strategy is for you – avoid weekends and holidays, rooms will be at their quietest on weekdays.
  • To increase their bank roll size, players need to grab the best bonus available and trace out gaming sites with higher card prices, these portals offer the biggest jackpots.
  • Before divulging personal details, we recommend researching that your chosen gaming hall is authentic, safe and secured. All of the sites we advertise have been verified. We advise choosing an uncommon password, and refrain from giving out personal information to players in chat rooms.
  • New players can take advantage of the free games on offer to learn the tricks of the trade. Experienced players should also handle their money with caution, if you finish up your budget, resorting to free games can be a boost back!

Aside from chat rooms, players should also try to locate gaming sites with other features. Some sites let gamers post photos, contact details, biography, while some others have radio and television involvement as well.

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