Piggy Payout slot is one of those online slots that just drags you in, simple to play yet with enough of the thrill factor to make it a must-play game. Piggy Payout also offers some whacking great jackpots, this is because at many of the sites where the online slot game is available there is a progressive jackpot to play for.

For those players that are playing the progressive Piggy Payout game there will be three sizes of jackpot available to be won; the Mega (which must be won before it reaches £10,000) Maxi (which must be won before it reaches £4,000) and the Mini progressive jackpot (which must be won before it reaches £1,300).

This is also one of those dream online slot games that offers cheap games if you want them, allowing players to choose how many paylines they want to select out of the 25 available and their preferred bet size. Personal preference is what it is all about, so whether you want to bet a little or a lot then this game is available to play. Obviously the more that a player chooses to wager per spin, and the more paylines that they select then the bigger the prizes that are available to be won.

So what about the look of the game? Well as you might expect by the name, Piggy Payout features some lovely little farmyard animals everything from cute cartoon sheep to cows plus of course pigs. Piggy Payout online slot players will aim to match the symbols that they spin on the 5 reels.

Prizes are awarded depending on the amount of matching Piggy Payout symbols (which in some instances can be as little as two), the type of symbol displayed and the size of the bet. When a windmill is displayed in one of the qualifying paylines this can be used to replace a missing symbol to make a prize possible if there is one available – plus the windmill will also double the size of the prize, except for the scatter symbols.

There are two opportunities for scatter symbols to activate special Piggy Payout features. The first, the piggy himself, will provide free spins whenever 3 or more are revealed on a qualifying payline. The amount of pigs displayed in the Piggy Payout scatter will also determine the size of the prize payable.

The second scatter feature is the sheep. Players who trigger the sheep scatter symbol will qualify for the ‘Prize Picks’, this is a bonus round which players can also retrigger during the free play and could pay out up to 100 times the sum originally wagered.

Progressive jackpot:

Piggy Payout players could be in with the chance of winning either the Mini, Maxi or Mega progressive jackpot. This could pay out up to £10,000 if played at certain sites. It is worth noting that some sites may have the standard version of the game and not the progressive.

Bonus features:

Piggy Payout features a special game when the pig scatter symbols are shown, the amount of free spins depends on the amount of the pigs shown on the qualifying paylines. Piggy Payout will pay out double the prize available when this free game is activated.

Piggy Payout also features a Sheep scatter symbols whereby players can receive the Prize Pick when triggered. Players will be provided with the opportunity to receive free prize picks when three or more sheep symbols are shown, this could pay out up to 100 times the players bet placed when this feature was triggered.

Game Functionality:

Piggy Payout is super simple and super exciting in equal measure. There is not a lot that players can change to suit their preference but then why would you want to? The fact is, Piggy Payout is perfect just as it is. It doesn’t need knobs and functions, as it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Players can turn the volume on or off, opt to turn the auto spin function on and change the bet size and amount of paylines – other than that it is just spin to try to win!

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